Eyebrows have the ability to ‘make or break’ a face. A good brow gives the face structure, lifts the eyes giving a more youthful appearance and even enhances eye colour. A bad brow can age you beyond your years and even make a face appear angry or sad.

Chris specialises in re-shaping, strengthening, creating arches and giving more symmetry to brows by skilfully placing natural looking hair strokes in amongst the hair you already have. She believes in using the hair you do have as much as possible and only removing hair if it is having negative effect on the overall shape. Of course, many of her clients come to her with little or no hair at all and in these cases, a whole brow construction is required. If a stronger brow is desired, then a powdered brow can be done. This type of brow results in a soft ‘powdery’ looking brow… similar to the effect you would get from filling in your brow with a shadow. Chris does not do ‘block’ brows which result in a strong, solid, usually dark and heavy looking brow.

Combination Brows